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Disclaimer, Data, and Acknowledgements

This is a work in progress and a labor of love. While it is not peer-reviewed, I strive to employ just as much scientific rigor and accuracy when doing this work. Be aware that there are likely some errors and omissions (if you notice any, please let me know). Hopefully, through revision and refinement, most, if not all, of these can be corrected. Papers, books, websites, etc. are cited throughout and link to full citations and/or URLs. In many places, you will find my opinions, musings, questions, fears, dreams, etc. I strive to make a clear distinction between what is peer-review, published, primary literature and speculative on my part.

All molecular datasets used to generate results are available for download. You can find the source and sequence data table with applicable annotations and the alignments themselves with their version number. Previous versions are archived. Note that some sequences have edited to remove intron regions. Such edits are fully noted and the original sequence is included. A description of the methods used in each analysis is outlined where the results are presented.

Many people have provided contributions that enabled this research. Links are provided to the contributors of specimens when associated with observation platforms. Other acknowledgements are made on specific pages.

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