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The Clavariaceae are a family of Basidiomycete mushroom-forming (in the broad sense) fungi, the earliest diverging lineage in the highly diverse order Agaricales, and is the sole member of the suborder Clavariineae.

Fruiting bodies take on several forms but are dominated by simple to branched clavarioid forms distributed in the genera Clavaria, Clavulinopsis, Ramariopsis, Ceratellopsis, Hirticlavula, and Mucronella; the last genus being unique in producing positively geotropic fruiting bodies. Several genera are pileate-stipitate: craterelloid (with a smooth to channeled hymenium) in Clavicorona and agaricoid (with a lamellate hymenium) in Camarophyllopsis, Hodophilus, and Lamelloclavaria. That leaves only the little known resupinate genus Hyphodontiella.

More to come.

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