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On this website you will find some contributions toward a more thorough understanding the biodiversity of the Family Clavariaceae in the Order Agaricales. By biodiversity, I primarily mean generic and species level taxonomy but I hope to cover (if only passingly at times) many other aspects including ecology, evolutionary biology, ethnomyclogy, etc. Here I will primarily use a synthesis of molecular methods (phylogenies and barcode similarity) and observable characteristics: a.k.a. descriptive taxonomy (macromorphology, micromorphology, and light chemistry).

I intend to present a navigable phylogeny that can be used to explore the Clavariaceae from am evolutionary perspective in the Family Phylogeny page or one can jump straight to a genus or subgeneric group of interesting by navigating through the Taxonomic Groups menu and subdivisions therein. Please read this Disclaimer, Acknowledgments, and Data statements. 

Finally, read about how you can Contribute to help discover, uncover, and elucidate this fascinating group of fungi.

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